How Do You List Remote Work On Resume?

October 21, 2020

Some job-seekers choose to omit their location, but most employers prefer to know where you are based. Your city and state of residence will suffice; it is not necessary to include your entire address. The rest of the resume will make it clear that you are willing and able to work from home. Stick to one easy-to-read font, one size, and make the focus your skills and experience. Spraying perfume on pink paper may have worked for Elle Woods, but chances are whoever is looking at your resume just wants to read about why you’re a good fit for the job. Don’t distract them with extras that won’t help you prove why you’re a good candidate.

how to indicate remote work on resume

Consider a master resume a running list of all your career accomplishments and experience in your different roles. Here’s where you’ll info-dump everything you’ve ever considered putting on a resume. Specific improvements you make to your resume can have a crazy positive effect on your remote job search. So treat the time you spend on your resume as an investment in your future. In just 30 seconds, our free AI-powered platform will score your resume on key criteria recruiters and hiring managers look for. Get actionable steps to revamp your resume and land more interviews.

Add Remote Work In Your skills Section

If you have not worked remotely before, try to identify projects that you worked on at your previous job that showcases skills related to remote work. For example, maybe you managed a small team at your office using Microsoft Teams or Slack. With remote work, job performance tends to be evaluated based on outputs rather than hours spent working. To impress hiring managers you will have to prove that you are highly productive.

It is an integral part of remote work that you must have the ability to collaborate with your teammates remotely. If you hold any such skills, it is the best time to showcase them here. If the remote role you are applying to is based in another country, make sure that your resume suits the expectations of that specific country. Workplaceless envisions a workforce that thrives in a flexible and digital-first future—where performance and growth are not constrained by location. Our team goal is to share insights and practices that will help professionals and companies achieve this aspiration.

We are on a mission to empower everyone at work to communicate more effectively and get ahead, wherever they are. If you have previous remote work experience and you notice that the job description is heavily emphasizing remote work, dedicate a new section. If you have been doing work remotely, you gained the opportunity to brush up, or even perfect, your communication and time management skills. You should also return to that list of soft skills and think about ways you’ve demonstrated them in your current or past positions. Show these off with quantitative examples within your work experience if you want to stand out. Websites like, and specialize in posting remote and freelancing jobs.

However, it will still not be the case one hundred percent of the time. Therefore, your resume must clearly state that you are looking for a remote job. This way, your prospective employer will be able to filter your application easily from the rest. Sometimes, companies do not outwardly mention that the job opening is for remote employment, but they may consider it if you are qualified for the job. It is, hence, imperative that your resume communicates your interests appropriately. An obvious place to do this is in the skills section on your resume. Here, you’ll want to think about both the technical and soft skills that make you a strong remote employee.

how to indicate remote work on resume

So reach out to your network, attend conferences, connect with people on LinkedIn, and pursue any other steps to connect with other professionals. By taking a multi-pronged approach (ugh, there’s that industry jargon I warned against), you’ll be well on your way to getting hired for your next great gig. Read up on the company a bit, and use your best judgment about whether it’d be worthwhile to include a personal interest section on your resume or not.

Fortunately for you, the Great Resignation has created an almost equally historic hiring crisis for employers. Jordan was the individual who I dealt with when I first came in the office looking for work. She was extremely polite, and answering all of my questions at the time. The most important part of all, I was working almost immediately!

How To Be Successful Among The New Wave Of Job Seekers?

If you don’t have remote experience, hone in on your skills that will apply to a remote work environment. Click on the job title you have to view the full resume, plus a guide from our experts and an ATS-friendly downloadable template. Earn twice as many interviews with a professional resume rewrite. Don’t simply list the skills above and call it a day–you need to have examples and metrics of how you use soft skills to provide value.

Highlight key remote work accomplishments in your resume summaryAlternatively, you can emphasize remote work by including a short blurb underneath the company name and job title. Point to accomplishments that include times you’ve gone above and beyond to support a colleague, organized a team-building event, or proactively kept others in the loop. So, employers care about remote work on resumes because it’s like a skill. Even if you didn’t work in a virtual office, you need to show how you can be proficient using remote technologies. Preparing your resume for remote work means targeting your experience for future virtual collaborations and tasks. With the help of these tips, you will be able to build a strong resume. Do not forget to proofread it more than once to leave a professionally sound impression.

Job Title Or Location

While the latter practice is somewhat disturbing, showcasing your most impressive skills and experiences on the top half of your resume could be a good sales tactic. Remember, some hiring managers only glance at resumes for a few seconds before deciding whether or not you get an interview. We also have some general advice for how to write an awesome resume to land remote work below all the examples. If you already have remote work experience, then you need to boast about this. It should be one of the main points on your resume, highlighting your suitability for these kinds of jobs. Don’t be shy but rather speak confidently about how you’ve excelled in remote roles. Read on for practicable and actionable advice on how to put remote work on your resume.

  • For many great resignee’s, job flexibility and the ability to do remote work will be a major decision factor when searching for a new position.
  • Use these tips to help edit your resume and score the remote job of your dreams.Read More…
  • That will give you a better idea of how your resume should look and what skills you should focus on.

When applying for a remote position, you have to convince the recruiter that you take your work seriously, no matter where you are. While adding quantifiable achievements, adding the digital skills that your remote work required, will help your resume shine more. First, it’s important to find a good place in your resume to mention your remote work in a way that makes sense and goes smoothly with your other experiences. Whatever the case, it’s your job to make it clear in your application, cover letter, and well-crafted resume that you’re seeking a remote opportunity. On the one hand, the resume has to clearly portray your contribution and accomplishments in your niche.

Remote Bliss

While it’s all well and good listing these skills, you also need to show how you’ve actually applied them in the past. By using facts and figures, you can show how you’ve made a real impact and prove your skillset to employers. You how to indicate remote work on resume might also want to add that you’re looking for an exciting remote position and be sure to mention if you’ve worked remotely before. Employers will be more confident in your abilities to work remotely if you’ve done so in the past.

  • If you use these 5 tips for writing a remote resume you will be working from home in no time.
  • While adding quantifiable achievements, adding the digital skills that your remote work required, will help your resume shine more.
  • This is best for people who’ve always had a job in the same field with no long, idle months in between.
  • And, of course, don’t be afraid to add in some splashes of color so your resume isn’t too bland.

In this guest post, Moira Perez, a writer, traveler, and content specialist at ResumeGuy, discusses the importance of listing remote work on a resume and how to do it successfully. If you do not have many details to talk about, you can simply add that your work was remote in the job title. You can add that you worked remotely alongside your other work experience achievements. Along with the summarization of your overall achievements, add how long you’ve been working remotely and your main takeaway from it. You can very easily turn your remote work experience into a great selling point on your resume.

If you had plenty of freelance projects or jobs with the same job title and similar responsibilities, you can group them under the same title, i.e. “Marketing copywriter – Freelance”. After the job title, list the names of organizations you worked for and your responsibilities. All else being equal, an employer is likely to hire someone who worked remotely before. If you have prior experience, you don’t need to be explained the protocols and practices of working from home, and you can jump in and work remotly effectively from day one. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, remote work has demonstrated a 44% growth over 5 years. Currently, 88% of companies encourage or require employees to work from home.

How Do You List Remote Work On Resume?

At the very least, hiring managers want to know that you have read the job description. And these days many companies will even use Applicant Tracking Systems to screen candidates resumes for keywords. It is necessary to tailor your resume to each specific job you apply to. You should be upfront about the fact that you’re a remote worker. Make sure it’s clear in both your job title and your personal summary or bio. This shows that you wear your nomadic experience like a badge of honor and helps you stand out from the other applicants as someone suited to this remote position. Remote companies know that this work isn’t for everyone and will be quick to discount any candidates who don’t seem excited by the prospect of working remotely.

  • By using keyword searches, companies are able to locate qualified candidates quickly.
  • Therefore, if you’re applying for a remote job, include details about your history of working remotely and how that’s beneficial to the company.
  • Most of the time, your resume is the first thing a potential employer will look at.

With remote work becoming the new norm, employers are now looking to hire people who have proven abilities to thrive at working from home. Another study conducted by IBM showed that more than half (54%) of workers polled would continue to work remotely full-time. Even if your company has a tech department, if your screen suddenly goes blank, it’s up to you to fix the problem quickly so you can get back to work.

Now that you’ve built out your master resume, it’s time to add remote skills that show why you’re a good fit for a remote work environment. Remember, remote work requires a specific set of skills that you need to highlight. A master resume is a document that lists all of your skills and experience in one place so you can choose the relevant experience to tailor your resume for each position you apply for. Contrary to popular belief, lengthy resumes aren’t all that great. Recruiters won’t waste their time reading them due to their hectic schedules.

Increasingly, employers are using technology to scan resumes for keywords. They use something called an applicant tracking system to quickly sort through the candidates. Make sure your resume is written to appeal to the AI involved in screening and sorting applicants using an ATS.

After you’ve presented all your awesome skills and work experiences, you might add a “personal interests” section at the bottom. By including a few hobbies, you can show your personality and give a sense of what you do outside of work hours. For many jobs, it’s assumed that you have references, so adding this line to your resume is an unnecessary statement of the obvious. Read over the job description carefully, and incorporate some of the language it uses in your resume. That way, you’ll get past the initial ATS scan and a real-live person will see your application.

how to indicate remote work on resume

Hiring teams will always be more impressed by resumes that seem tailor-made for their positions rather than bland, generic ones that don’t take any effort to spam out. So it’s in your best interest to go the extra mile for roles you’re really excited about.

It’s essential that you research the company before applying for the job. Start with the company’s website and familiarize yourself with its products and mission.

Remotely managed 10+ projects for team leaders in 3 locations worldwide. Led 4-person sales team to record-breaking sales figures, increasing revenue by 60% while working remotely. Managed team of 6 direct reports during COVID-19, including transition to remote work and coordinating hybrid work schedules. Irrespective of whether the company asks for a link to your portfolio, be sure to include a link in your resume and LinkedIn profile. So, if your work involves any sort of ‘creative creation’, take the effort to work on an impressive online portfolio that showcases the breadth and depth of your work. The idea behind this section is to show that you’re familiar with remote working tools and are tech-savvy to adapt to any other tools if need be. Contrary to what most people think, working remotely is not all rainbows and butterflies.

If you are looking to hire a remote worker, we can find excellent human resources for you. Many companies search for employees through an electronic system. There are certain keywords or qualities that a company is looking for, and if you don’t add those keywords, your application will go to the rejected pile. But before that, you must add your Personal Value Proposition at the top.

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