Enroll your Child in a Class

  • Admission Rules

    If you are wishing to admit your ward in this school. Please read the following instructions.
  • 1. No Admission Tests are taken for Montessori or K.G. Admission. Discussion are generally done with the parents about their ward’s health and aptitude.



    2. Admission Test are taken for the admission in Std. I, II or III. No students will be admitted in Std. IV. However, admission in Std IV may be consider for students whose parents are on transferable job under special case.

  • 3. Admission in Std I to Std III for the students migrated from other school are considered after passing suitable admission test of the school. T.C. from the previous school is not mandatory.



    4. For admission parents has to show the Original birth certificate along with a Xerox Copy is necessary for the admission procedure. If the birth certificate cannot be produced at the time of admission, it has to be provided within three months from the date of admission.